• Gear They are innovated symmetrical arrayed high speed synchronous gears,and are made of international standard gear steel.Compared with common gears,they are more wearable and steadier,and more laborsaving.
  • Chain Adopt high strong chain and high precision welding technology, meet ISO3077-1984 international standard; fit for gusty overload work conditions; bring your hands a better feeling.
  • Hook Made of high-class alloy steel, it has high strength and high security by using the new design.
  • Limit Switch Using limit switch component in design to protect the chain and ensure the security
  • Components The main components are all made of high-class alloy steel, with high precision and security.
  • Framework Slight design and more beautiful; with less weight and smaller work area.
  • Plastic Plating Adopt advanced plastic plating technology inside and outside, it looks like a new one after years of operation.
  • Enclose Made of high-classed steel, more firm and dexterous.


Technical Parameters