MIT geared motor is special design soft start/stop motor which used for end trucks, it makes overhead crane start and stop slowly for more safety operation.

Detail Specification

  • Reducer
    • The shaft is manufactuered by lignment and grinding. So the accuracy is very good. The stress is very strong.
    • The safety factor is more than 5. It has longer work life.
  • Buffer (Soft Start / Stop)
    • The fly wheel acting once motor soft starting, the movement of high inertia is produced.
    • No impactness, this keeps crane stable, smooth, and noiseless, to stabilize the brake.
  • Motor
    • High performance of start torque, motor house is simple for radiation, high-pressure resisting more than 1500V.
    • Light current, compact-sized, powerful output, availble for high frequency.
  • Electromagnetic Brake
    • DC brake provides eXcellent braking capability and easy to adjust and control the braking force for custom application.
    • Employs wear-resistant linings for longer life.


Technical Parameters