MIT provids various different types electric chain hoists, capacity from 250KG to 35Ton. With a 20 years experience professional R&D team, new model hoists are issuing every year.

Detail Specification

  • Motor Housing: Aluminum alloy casting, features rigid structure and light weight. Totally enclosed construction, withstands harsh conditions such as chemical and electro-plating enviroments , etc.
  • Motor: The lifting motor and travelling motor are Vacuum painted, the insulation class is F.
  • Motor Break: The side magnetic break device makes instant break as soon as the electric power cut off, to make sure the safety loading.
  • Limit Switch: Up/Down Limit switch fitted as both top and botton ends, shuts off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out.
  • Contactor: High performance non-fuse circuit breakers allow frequent trouble.
  • Phase Error Relay: A specially designed electric board prevents motor from running at it reverse phased.
  • Load Chain: FEC Grade 80 case hardned alloy steel chain, endures harsh conditions such as rain, salt water and chemicals.
  • Load Hook: Hot forget high tensile steel, rigid and durable, 360° swvel, fitting with safety latch to assure safe lifting.
  • Push Button Pendant: Protection class IP65. Fully water-proof and insulated, offers light weight and durability.
  • Transformer: Power to Pendant control reduced to 24V,36V,or 48V low voltage for safer operation.


Technical Parameters

Motor Insulation Grade : F

Control Voltage Option: 24V, 36V, 48V